Cultural Embassy of Palestine

Cultural Embassy of Palestine 2018

The Cultural Embassy of Palestine in 2018 was dedicated to the role of Palestinian women. We started with the opening of the exhibition Traditional Palestinian Embroidery – Key to National Identity  – see video – which was introduced by Fatima Abbadi, a photographer and collector of Palestinian embroidery. The following day we continued with a round table The Role of Women in Palestinian Society with Abir Kopty, PhD candidate in the Institute for Media and Communication Studies, Freie Universität Berlin and activist against Israeli settler colonialism and apartheid and Leila Khaled, former PLO fighter and member of the Palestinian National Council (via Skype).  We also organised two film screenings, 3000 Nights (3000 Layla) by Mai Masri and Villa Touma (2014) by Suha Arraf, followed by a discussion with Suha Arraf.

Cultural Embassy of Palestine 2017

The 2017 Cultural Embassy of Palestine focused on several anniversaries which are momentous in the history of Palestine: the exhibition about Naji al Ali: Art of Resistancesee video, a round table with David Cronin and Fareed Taamallah 100 Years of Europe in Palestine, screening of the movies When I saw You (Annemarie Jacir), The Wanted 18 (Amer Shomali and Paul Cowan) and a round table with the illustrator Samira Kentrić, the photographer Jošt Frank and the journalist Kristina Božič Palestine through Images and the Political Impact of the Image.

Cultural Embassy of Palestine 2016

The Cultural Embassy of Palestine 2016 focused on the aspects of architecture in Palestine. The event started with a photo exhibition From wall to wall: view on architecture in Palestine with an introduction by the architect Antoine Raffoul. The following day we held a round table with the architects Fida Touma and Antoine Raffoul about traditional Palestinian architecture and the architecture of erasure, with a special case of the village Lifta close to Jerusalem. We also organized screenings of the documentary film The Case of Lifta (18′) by Antoine Raffoule and The Architecture of Violence (25′, Ana Naomi de Sousa) in Ljubljana and Kranj.

Cultural Embassy of Palestine 2015

An introduction to Palestinian filmography by Widad Tamimi, a round table with the Israeli journalist Gideon Levy Occupation and Democracy: a Paradox, the screening of the movies Fertile Memory and Ma’loul Celebrates its Destruction directed by Michel Khleifi, followed by a discussion with the director.

Cultural Embassy of Palestine 2014

The photo exhibition Nakba at the Faculty for Social Sciences Ljubljana, an interactive theatre  play Between Two Walls by Dalia Taha performed by the Slovenian group Transformatorji, a round table with the international guest David Cronin Israeli crimes and Europe’s responsibility, a radio talk show Palestine beyond the media, a lecture about traveling to Palestine and a dance performance by the group Rozana. More on:

Cultural Embassy of Palestine 2013

The exhibition about life under apartheid by The Palestinian Return Centre, a recital of Palestinian poetry and prose by Polona Torkar, accompanied at the Oud by Marko Korošec, the screening of the movie Nakba by the Palestinian director Rawan Al-Damen.  A round table with Slovenian journalists Kristina Božič and Boris Vasev. More on:


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